Tybee Pier Milky Way View

Tybee Pier Milky Way View

"Tybee Pier Milky Way View" was photographed in March 2017 on Tybee Island, Georgia. This is about as early in the year that you can photograph the Milky Way in the Coastal Georgia area. Over the winter months the Milky Way's galactic core comes up during the day, so only the more northern end, which is less bright, can be seen at night. So, after a long wait over the winter, I took the first opportunity this spring to photograph it.

Even though early March is considered early spring in the south, and after a mild winter season you would think things would be warming up, it was really a cold windy night. The winds were at least 10-15 knots with gusts coming in at 20-25 knots. I literally had to stand in front of the camera for each long exposure shot to block the wind and keep it from shaking the camera. In order to pull off these night photography long exposure shots, keeping absolutely still is essential. A good tripod is highly advised. I also use a cable shutter release so that my hands are off the camera as well while exposing.

I liked the composure in this capture as the pier is more at an angle leading into the scene and adds more depth to the capture. See "Midnight at the Pier", which I captured last year, for a comparison. In "Midnight at the Pier", the pier is more parallel to the camera and does not add as much depth of field, although it is an excellent capture as well.

I think this photograph will make a great fine art wall piece for your collection, especially if you like star photography, piers, coastal beach art, and/or Tybee Island. 

Milky Way Above the Pier

"Milky Way above the Pier"

"Milky Way above the Pier" is similar to "Tybee Pier Milky Way View", however it was captured much closer to the pier. They were both captured on the same night in early March. It was windy and cold. In this photograph, you can see the ocean a little better and you can even see some reflections of the pier in the water below. I always liked photographs with reflections. The water almost looks calm where the reflections are, however the wind was definitely blowing 15-20 knots with 25 knot gusts. You can tell that the water was a little rougher a little further off shore. Long exposures, however, can make the ocean look alot calmer than it really is.

This photograph will also make a great fine art wall art piece for your collection if you like coastal night photography, astrophotography, piers, beach art, or Tybee Island art.

If you are interested in pricing or purchasing either of these two prints, click on the photo or CLICK HERE for my Coastal Georgia Night Photography.