The Future of Buying Artwork is Here!

Imagine if you could try out art on your walls before you buy it.

Actually visualize, in real time, what the piece might look like on your wall, in your space, with your decor, in all sizes.

I am proud to announce that with the help of augmented reality you can now use my website to do just that!

​Even better, this ground-breaking technology works with your cell phone or iPad without having to download an app.

Want to try it?

All you have to do is click this link [GOLDEN SUNRISE] with your phone or tablet and click the "Live Preview AR" button. This only works with a smartphone or tablet..

If you run into any technical issues here is a video you can watch explaining it in detail [CLICK HERE].

Helpful Hints: 1) Select all your options, e.g. Print Media, Size, and/or Framing, then select "Live Preview AR".
The first time using it, it will ask to allow access to your camera. This is normal and needed for Augmented Reality Live Preview.
2) Stand 10 Feet away from the wall where you imagine hanging your artwork for the most accurate preview and sizing.
3) You can resize the artwork and move/drag it around on the screen while still in Live Preview AR.
4) You can switch back and forth from Live Preview AR to the standard Wall Preview.
5) When you exit out of Live Preview AR or Wall Preview, it will save your size selection. You can then add it to your cart.

Give it a Try!

Golden Sunrise

"Golden Sunrise"