Three Tall Trees

I recently added two photographs of three tall trees. Though similar, they are quite different.

Osprey Perch

"Osprey Perch" was photographed in October of 2017 near the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge which is near Savannah, Georgia.

It is a black and white vertical photograph where I was trying to capture not only the wildlife, but some of the environment in which the wildlife lives.

From it's perch high in the tree tops, this Osprey can spot smaller prey that it could attack from above if it so desired. Ospreys, however, are known for their fish catching capabilities and can spot and catch fish that are swimming just below the surface. 

Three Tall Trees

"Three Tall Trees" was photographed in April, 2016 on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

These tall pine trees stood tall for many many years on Jekyll Island, Georgia. They first thrived and grew to maturity in what was a forest on the north end of the island. After years of beach erosion in that section of the island, the ocean waters and beach sand flooded into the forest. The salt water killed the trees, yet they still stood their ground for many years afterward as a witness to the heavens, beholding the beauty of the beach at sunrise, during the day, and at night. The winds and water of Hurricane Matthew would finally topple the trees in the fall of 2016 and the ocean waters would finally claim them.

This photograph is now impossible to retake making this photograph a historical record and a memory of things that once were. The land is always changing through the seasons of nature. Although these trees no longer exist, more trees will grow and eventually form new driftwood along the beaches of Coastal Georgia. The sands of our beaches shift over time. Erosion on one end of the island usually causes new sand to wash up on other parts of the island. Over time our islands can grow allowing new forests to spring up. So, it would not surprise me, if someone, someday in the future, finds three more trees standing tall on the beach, beholding and defying nature, Three Tall Trees.

I think either one of these photos would make a great fine art wall art piece. I would not personally display them side by side on a wall, however, they would look great in the same room or as separate stand alone art pieces.