Ossabaw Island

Ossabaw Island is one of the barrier islands on the coast of Georgia. There are one hundred miles of barrier island along Georgia's Coast, some of which are developed and some are undeveloped. 

Bald Eagle Perch

Ossabaw Island is a remote and mostly undeveloped Coastal Georgia barrier island located between Wassaw Island and St. Catherine's Island. The only access to the island is by boat. I was able to get this photograph of the Bald Eagle on the boat ride out to the island.

The island has a unique history dating back 4000 years with the Guale Indians and later the Creek Indians. It has had Spanish settlers as well as English settlers. It has been used as farmland and for timber. It also had plantations before the Civil War and smaller scale farms after the war. It has been used as a hunting retreat while owned by a group of wealthy business owners until is was purchased by Dr. Henry Norton Torrey in 1924.

In 1961 Eleanor Torrey West created the Ossabaw Island Foundation and launched the Ossabaw Island Project as an artistic and scholarly retreat. In 1978, while no longer able to subsidize the the artistic and scientific activity on the island, Mrs. West sold the island to the State of Georgia as a Heritage Preserve with the understanding that the island would only be used for "natural, scientific and cultural study, research and education, and environmentally sound preservation, conservation and management of the Island’s ecosystem".

So, the island is now a heritage preserve. The forces of nature are allowed to play out on this island with very little intervention from humans. These forces of nature are evident and can easily be found and viewed, especially since the area has been hit by two major hurricanes in the last two years.

Ossabaw South Beach Sunset

The above photo is from Ossabaw's south beach at sunset. The beach there is full of driftwood trees as well as tidal pools which make for an awesome sunset scene.

Ossabaw Island at Night

And finally, I was able to get in some night photography and even capture some of the Milky Way in this scene. It was very late in the year for doing Milky Way photography, however, since it is an undeveloped remote barrier island it is very dark on the beach and pretty far and away from the city lights. You can see millions of stars on a clear night there.

Hope you enjoyed this small tour of some of the photographs that I took during my short weekend camping trip there.

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