Cliffs of Time

"Cliffs of Time" was photographed in September of 2017 on Tybee Island, Georgia. These are newly formed cliffs. The sand dunes build up over time from the wind blowing the sand around on the beach. As the wind gently blows the sand, it comes to rest on the sand dunes and over time they get larger and larger. The dunes on Tybee took some conservation efforts to get them started and to build up. They have discovered that the dunes will not build up with out the vegetation, e.g. sea oats, growing on them. So, the first thing you have to do is keep people from walking on the dunes and destroying the vegetation. They have also discovered that the sand dunes also protect the islands from storm surges during extraordinary high tides or during hurricanes. We recently had Hurricane Irma pass by our area, causing much damage in Florida before moving into Georgia. This storm brought some extraordinary high tides and storm surge along with wind that kicked up the waves on the coast. The high tide, storm surge, and high waves battered the coast of Florida and Georgia. Approximately 50% of the dunes were lost on Tybee Island, however, the 50% that remained formed cliffs almost like sea walls and blocked much of the storm surge. Not all of it was blocked and the water did flood parts of Tybee. I'm thinking it could have been much worse, had it not been for these sand dunes. I named this photography artwork "Cliffs of Time" because the sand dunes, which are built up over time, withstood the test of Mother Nature and of time in the storm surge, and to me the Milky Way represents the most ancient of time.

I think this photography artwork will make a great fine art wall art piece for anyone who likes beach art and/or Coastal Georgia art. I think it is a great representative piece of Tybee Island at night as well.